Power Over Pornography



What’s the #1 thing everyone should do tomorrow to kickstart their efforts to overcome pornography viewing?

I'm often asked what the most important step is to overcome a pornography viewing habit. I used to think the most consequential step was the most important but I've changed my mind. I think the most important step you can take is [...]

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Fake News and Pornography Viewing?

"Fake news" is destined to be one of the most popular and overused phrases of 2017. Most commonly used in politics on both sides, it has crept into our vocabulary to describe unverified or speculative stories. Some politicians thr [...]

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Avoid Pornography? Nearly Impossible. Do This Instead

I was a teenager before the internet and mobile phones existed. If a teenager wanted to view pornography back then, he (not many girls viewed pornography back then--30%+ of viewers are female now) needed to find someone else's s [...]

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Overcoming Pornography: What doesn’t work.

Suppression. Avoidance. Computer Protections. Substitution. None of them work. Our focus at Power Over Pornography is applying true principles to help people overcome pornography viewing and masturbation (doing). We’re grateful [...]

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Fair & Balanced?

I recently read an article on pornography that attempted to portray a balanced view of the consequences. The article cited several studies that showed the negative consequences of pornography. All well and good. Then the author ci [...]

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