Power Over Pornography



Shame: Its Devastating Impact on Living a Porn-Free Life and How to Combat It

First, let’s define shame. Shame, unlike guilt, is labeling ourselves as a “bad person.” Guilt is acknowledging that we did something bad. Once we feel shame, we naturally begin doing things that bad people do. For a viewer, [...]

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Why “Relapse is Part of Healing” is False and How Pornography Viewers can Forsake Pornography Once and For All and Make Relapse a Thing of the Past.

It’s the “once and for all” that plagues most viewers. Those who sincerely want to quit and try their best to quit end up relapsing again and again and again. They feel discouraged and start to question their self-worth. The [...]

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Chopping off hand: One way to stop your child from watching pornography. Here’s a better (and less violent) way.

Did you hear about the Indian man who chopped off his son’s hand over the son’s pornography watching? Last week in Hyderabad India, a butcher, Mohammad Qayyum Qureshi, caught his 18-year-old son watching pornography. When he t [...]

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Simple Mind Trick Surprisingly Helpful in Overcoming Pornography

A pornography viewer typically doesn’t even think between being tempted and viewing. Just as our brain helps us efficiently develop basic habits like brushing our teeth, viewers’ brains develop pathways through their brain tha [...]

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Porn Triggers: How avoiding them doesn’t work and what to do instead.

If your strategy to overcome pornography viewing relies upon avoiding triggers and temptations, you are bound to fail. Let’s explore why and then discover the alternative that works so much better. Reason #1. Triggers are una [...]

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