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“When we share our stories of overcoming our viewing addiction, we help ourselves heal. We also help others who may be struggling mightily and are on the verge of giving up completely. Your story can give them hope. Please share your story by commenting and please give encouragement and praise to those who’ve shared their story with us. By the way, helping others always helps you.”


  1. Kai

    ON August 18th, 2016

    I was first introduced to pornography when I was in middle school. “Friends” would show me inappropriate pictures during lunch and I would turn away repulsed, but the seeds of curiosity were planted. I wanted to see more because I didn’t understand why it was so evil, to me it was intriguing and it seemed so exciting to my peers who would show me things. I was up late one night and couldn’t sleep and I got on the computer that was in my room and looked for pornography. I started viewing “soft” porn shying away from anything too vulgar but slowly that same night worked my way into “harder’ porn. I also became a doer for the first time that night and began fantasizing about girls I knew in indecent ways. Thinking about it now it feels like a nightmare, but that is how things began. That became a fairly regular nightly activity for me for the next couple years with me making various personal efforts and short stints of abstinence. It wasn’t until I was 17 and was asked to preform a church service that I felt I was unclean to do that I even believed I needed seek help in order to change. So I did just that, I talked to my parents and to church leaders and got myself on the out of a viewing and doing habit and remained out of it for the majority of the following 6 years, it was my longest stint of abstinence since I first viewed. Then I got married and my wife became depressed because of school and other things and that was difficult for me to deal with and help her through so I fell back into my old habits of viewing with extremely seldom doing. I quickly became transparent with my wife and worked for the next 2 years with her and church leaders to stop making little if any progress. It was terrible and I really started to see and realize the negative consequences of viewing and doing. I became a very negative and my self image and self confidence became nearly non-existent. My father and an acquaintance suggested this book and program and I have felt like the tools it gives and teaches have helped me make more progress than I have ever made before to truly changing and towards living a loving life free of pornography. I am still struggling with some things, but I believe that is because of my imperfect adherence and completion of some of the homeworks and daily tasks within the book. I am optimistic that as I continue to review, reread, and practice I can Live a Loving Life!


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON August 19th, 2016

      Thanks for sharing. When we share, we help ourselves continue to live a loving life and also help others do the same.
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