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About Us

Power Over Pornography is designed to help you quit pornography viewing and masturbation. It is based upon the book, Power Over Pornography: The Breakthrough Formula for Overcoming Pornography Addiction.

Background. Over ten years ago, I attended the family weekend at the conclusion of a thirty-day intensive drug rehabilitation for a family member with a drug addiction. I learned a great deal about how to help addicts. I also learned the limitations of then-available treatments.

The facility was recognized as one of the best drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the nation and the world. One of the facility’s leaders said, “Our recidivism rate is eighty percent.” He paused, and then added, “Eighty percent of those who attend our program will drink or use within one year.”

My immediate thoughts were, This is one of the best rehab programs in the country, and the best they can do is 20 percent success? I thought, There has to be a better way. From that thought sprung ten years of search and research to find a better way. Power Over Pornography is that way.

How did my research into drug and alcohol addiction turn to pornography addiction? I learned from several pastors (bishops) that pornography was one of the toughest problems for their members to overcome. Despite many efforts, relapse seemed inevitable.

I began helping people overcome addictions, including pornography addiction. My interest in a cure—or at least better treatment programs—continued growing even stronger over the next several years. I discovered parts of programs that worked and implemented those methods right away, but I often found holes in them.

High success rates. Based upon research, true principles and working with those who struggle with pornography, I’ve developed a comprehensive treatment method and system that results in roughly 80 percent success rates, much higher other programs. I hope you find it helpful.

I take great satisfaction in seeing longtime addicts free of their pornography addictions and feeling happier and freer than they’ve felt in years. I rejoice in seeing young married men free of the guilt, shame, and suffering that pornography brings. They thought marriage would solve their addiction but discovered that it didn’t. I’m grateful to see adolescents and early twentysomethings get back on track with their relationships, their levels of confidence, and their performances at work and school as a result of being porn-free.

My mission is to share this system with as many people as possible, so that they can be free of their pornography habit and the terrible toll it takes on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I hope you benefit by the methods and the system presented. One of the best places to start is with my book, Power Over Pornography.

When you are experiencing freedom from pornography addiction, I invite you to share your story, so others may benefit, at www.poweroverpornography.com/shareyourstory.