Power Over Pornography



“Karen,” Fairfax Virginia

Just wanted to let you know, a few months ago when you sent out the e-mail about your Power Over Pornography book being available on Amazon, my husband let both of our families know it was available. My brother called me tonight and told me that he forwarded the link to a coworker of his, and that this coworker told him a few days ago that he read the book and that it has, in his words, ‘changed his life.’

Brent L Bowen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (retired), Fairfax, VA.

The author applies time-tested principles to a growing malady in our society. He shows that individuals can gain power over insidious addictions in a readable, understandable, doable way that they can follow to success. He uses a male as an example, but the same principles can apply to females dealing with similar issues as well. If I had had his book when I was a practicing therapist, I would have made a copy available to each of the families that came to me for help.