Power Over Pornography


Practice: Key to Preventing Relapse

Choosing to practice every day is like giving yourself an immunization against deadly disease when you know you’ll be out among the infected.

One of the keys, if not the major key, to avoiding relapse is practice. We’ve developed a practice program that works. Please put the practice program in place so that you can choose to live a loving life every day. We have found that those who receive daily email reminders from us experience greater freedom from relapse. If you would like timely tips and reminders to practice, please sign up below and we’ll start emailing you specific practice steps. The practice tips and reminders are currently complimentary. They’re working for many so please give them a try. They only take 1-2 minutes per day. We want you to live a loving life for a long time.

Remember, you are one view away from a life full of the negative consequences of viewing and doing. Make practice a daily routine so that you can continue to live a loving life. We’ve outlined below the practice steps that work. Please use them or use the email program as your practice program. Elite athletes only stay that way through practice and those who live a loving life only stay that way through practice.

Practice steps (All of these steps are incorporated into the daily practice email reminders–see below to sign up to receive them):

  1. Attitude: Practice can be painful unless you remember that by practicing you are expanding your comfort zone and growing. Embrace daily practice.
  2. Repetition. Repetition is one of the key laws of the universe to change and to gaining power. Gain your power and create your loving life habits by doing the following:
    1. Practice AACV (Acknowledge, Accept, Choose, Vision) once or twice per day. Read the card and create a temptation even if you don’t experience one.
    2. Practice affirmations once per day. This will help you heal faster (Please see the affirmations page for more detail www.poweroverporn.wpengine.com/affirmations).
    3. Practice relationship building conversations and activities at least twice per week. Review the section on relationships and practice it regularly.
  3. Power through the coming 100-day wall and other walls (powerful temptations that seem to come from nowhere):
    1. Be aware that the 100-day wall is coming. After 90-100 days of living a loving life, many experience strong temptations that can lead to relapse if one hasn’t been practicing daily.
    2. Institute Scenario practice twice per month. Refer to www.poweroverpornography/scenarios for more detail.
    3. Institute regular program review to keep the clouds away: Review consequences twice per month and re-take the course once per year.
    4. Become involved in the P.O.P. community. See www.poweroverporn.wpengine.com/forums.
    5. Sign up for the newsletter (see sidebar on right of page) to receive regular updates, stories, research and practice.

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