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Welcome to the vision page. We’ll help you compose your vision and make it powerful and vivid. Please look through the vision statements listed and use what appeals to you. Then, please leave your vision to benefit others. While you’re here, please comment on some of the vision statements so that others may benefit.

As you’re brainstorming your vision, make sure it meets the ‘power’ criteria:

  1. Is it well-defined, vivid and positive?
  2. Does it include emotion-evoking language and concrete, near-term benefits?
  3. Does it paint a clear picture in your mind?
  4. Are the benefits of your vision directly yours, not for others.
  5. Is it brief and memorable?
  6. Is it easy to say?
  7. Is it simple?

Sample Visions:

Show my deep love for my wife and kids by hugging, laughing, listening, talking and spending time doing what we like and confidently initiating and completing work that exceeds expectations.

Confidently date women who share my values doing fun and wholesome activities like good movies, sporting events and community theater. Understand and excel in my classes and feel deep love for God and my family. Show that love with deep, meaningful listening.


  1. Esteban

    ON September 15th, 2013

    I have been trying to contact you, but my emails are rejected. I want to do a spanish translation of your book. Contact me please.



    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 03rd, 2013

      Hi Esteban. We’re in the final stages of a new edition. When it arrives, we’ll post it and then begin the process of other translations. I look forward to talking to you then

  2. Esteban

    ON October 13th, 2013

    ¿Do you know when is the estimated day for the new version and the spanish translation? Thank you so much!


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 14th, 2013

      We’re targeting before Thanksgiving for the new version. Just making the final changes to the cover and to the text on the print version before making the same changes to the Kindle version.

  3. Esteban

    ON October 13th, 2013

    I have written my vision. ¿What do you think about it? I’m practicing my english, so can be many mistakes ^^

    Show my deep love for my girlfriend sharing together some amazing moments like going to cinema, dining together and hugging her. Confidently laugh and talk with my friends, being the center of attention, which everyone respects and admire. Feel a deep conexion with God, worshiping him in the church and weeping of joy.


    • Esteban

      ON October 14th, 2013

      And a question. In the practice section says:

      Practice ACV twice per day. Read the card and create a temptation even if you don’t experience one.

      How can I create a temptation? I’m a little confused in this part.

      Thank you again!

    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 14th, 2013

      Great question. We found early on that using the AACV method caused temptations to largely go away but after 1-3 months one would return and before it could be acknowledged, the former viewer would revert to viewing and doing. In essence, they were out of practice in dealing with viewing/doing temptation. Once we implemented the daily practice that includes creating your own temptation, the relapse and reversion to viewing and doing dropped to near zero. It will be a key to your continuing to live a loving life.

      Here is how you do it. At anytime during the day (most people select two set times during the day so they don’t forget–you may even want to set an alarm to remind you), create the temptation by saying to yourself, “I want to view pornography.” Then follow up with the rest of the AACV process (accept it, exercise your freedom to choose, and choose your vision). Practicing in this way will keep you prepared to deal with future temptations.

    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 14th, 2013

      Great vision. I like the picture it paints in my mind of eating and going to the movies together. I also think “confidently laugh and talk with my friends” is a powerful phrase. I also think the spiritual connection is important and am glad you put in “weeping of joy” as a benefit.

      I think the vision works and works well but you may want to include an additional tangible benefit of having the deep connection with God. The more real you can picture your vision in your mind, the more power it has. If, in the future, you feel its power wane, you may want to add/revise it to include more/other tangible positive consequences. Stay on the loving life path

  4. Zack

    ON January 06th, 2015

    I’ve thought a lot about my vision and this is what I’ve come up with…I believe it embodies just about everything I want my life to be. Please let me know what you think Mr. Brandenburg:

    “Walking in happy fellowship with the Lord, I boldly testify of His grace, mercy and truth, reflecting God’s sacrificial love to my wife, doing good to all men (especially my church) as I have opportunity and serving my masters with singular focus and good will, knowing the good I do I shall receive of the Lord.”


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON January 15th, 2015

      I love your vision and how it involves God. It also includes positive emotional words and phrases such as “happy” and “receive of the Lord.” It also includes action words and phrases, such as “boldly testify,” “doing good” and “with singular focus and good will.”

      One thing I’ve discovered in helping others fashion vision statements is that near term blessings (benefits) that are tangible and vivid give the vision more power. If I were you, I would consider adding something like the following that helps your vision paint a vivid picture in your mind: “The love of God that comes to my heart brings a smile of joy to my face and a look of confidence to my face. I reflect that love to my wife as we grow closer together, manifest by our smiling faces towards each other as we walk hand-in-hand on the beach (or in the mountains or some other place that is meaningful to you).” I may also consider adding a secondary benefit like what accomplishing more at work would look like. Great job. Keep living the loving life.

      By the way, you may benefit from signing up for the practice emails at poweroverpornography.com/practice. They assist you in applying the practice steps and are complimentary.

  5. Zack

    ON January 25th, 2015

    Mr. Brandenburg,

    Thank you for your input. I’ve thought a lot about how your comments and re-read much of the Vision chapter. I’m still having trouble revising my vision to make it more vivid and have more near-term blessings that are tangible. Below are my top 5 positive pros. I’m curious how you might word a vision based on these:

    1. Happy, guiltless fellowship with God
    2. Bold Christian witness
    3. Loving my wife more fully
    4. In good standing/fellowship with my church and those around me
    5. Keeping my job/better performance


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON January 28th, 2015

      Here is a sample vision based upon your top 5 positive consequences of living a loving life:
      “I smile and radiate happiness because of the love of God that dwells in my heart. The happiness and absence of guilt contribute to my willingness to share my witness of Christ boldly and with confidence–I see myself talking/witnessing/setting an example with others on a daily basis. I feel great satisfaction as I walk hand-in-hand with my wife at the beach, knowing that I love her 100%. I also contribute to God’s kingdom by lifting those at my church and feeling edified and unified with them. The connection I feel with like-minded people gives me strength. My confidence and excellent performance at work (something specific here about what excellent performance would look like at your particular workplace would help enliven the vision) results in respect and promotions.”

      I’ve tried to include some words that help paint a picture in your mind, such as smile, radiate, happiness, boldy share, lifting, edified, unified, connection, strength, confidence, excellent performance, respect promotion. If you feel that these words don’t paint a strong picture/vision in your mind, please substitute words that do. I just compiled this off the top of my head so I’m sure it can be improved by focusing on making it tangible, vivid and simple but I hope this is a good start.

      I like your consequences and think they form the basis of a solid, powerful vision. If you find it hard to follow or form you may want to try an alternative: Sometimes, when a person struggles with a longer vision, I encourage them to shorten it to just one positive consequence that is most meaningful to them. If you’re finding it hard to feel the power of your vision, you could craft it around the positive consequence that you feel most strongly about. Just turn the positive consequence to a vivid, tangible vision statement.

      I hope this is helpful.

    • Zack

      ON January 28th, 2015

      Very helpful – thank you.

  6. Lee

    ON September 04th, 2015

    Here’s my first attempt at a Vision Statement. Probably needs to be made a bit more concise.

    I will live a life of courageous love. Feeling Divine Love for God, I will boldly express faith by sharing how he is at work in my life with my family, colleagues, church and community. Unconditionally and deeply loving Others, I will be honest with them about the nature of my sins, as well as the nature of my present calling! Loving my wife passionately, I will live in such a way as to have nothing to hide, able to boldly, joyfully, and frequently initiate intimacy with her.


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON September 07th, 2015

      Great first attempt. I love your use of the words courageous, love, boldly, faith, deeply loving, joyfully, etc. Your vision statement is full of action words. For your next draft, you may want to include more benefits that result from the actions. Here is an example that you can modify:

      I live a life of courageous love and honest authenticity. Feeling self-confident as a result of the Love of God and for God, I am a leader among my family, work, church and community in boldly sharing that love with others. I achieve my family, work and church goals (add some specifics about one or two of these goals and what their achievement may feel and look like–the more tangible the benefits, the better) in line with divine direction. My wife and I have a deeply satisfying sexual relationship that strengthens us. We walk hand-in-hand in our favorite place (describe the place–place can add tangibility, which strengthens the power of the vision), smiling at and feeling joy with each other.

      I hope this is helpful. My best in continuing to live a loving life.

  7. Kai

    ON August 18th, 2016

    Love my wife and serve confidently with her in the temple as well as elsewhere, exercising my strengths unto righteousness and not my weaknesses.


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON August 19th, 2016

      Great vision. Thanks for sharing. I love the action words: love, serve confidently, exercise strengths. “In the temple” also paints a strong mental picture that provides power to your vision.
      You can make it even more powerful by incorporating some of the nearly tangible positive consequences of living a loving life. These questions may help: What picture comes to mind when you say love and serve with my wife? If you picture yourself smiling or imagine yourself feeling internal joy, you may want to add that to your vision. What doe exercising strengths unto righteousness look or feel like? If you picture added self-confidence and self-esteem, you may want to add them to your vision. I hope this helps.

  8. filozofio

    ON October 03rd, 2016

    My vision: “Myself, full of joy and spiritual power to love and bless without conditions”


  9. DogMan

    ON March 31st, 2017

    Please comment on how I can make this better.

    I read my Bible every day and have clarity of thought. I have confidence to get things done. I feel comfortable in my body, I like how I look. My house is tidy and I feel great when people just stop by. I have a full share in teaching in my church and even take on a few specialized courses. My energy is contagious and my wife finds me irresistible. 😉 My conscience is clean and I serve alongside her in our extra religious services. I write and produce music that I’m proud of on a regular basis.


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON April 01st, 2017

      Great vision. You captured some of the key benefits of living a loving life, including greater personal and work achievement, greater self-confidence and self-esteem, greater spirituality, greater energy and a better relationship with spouse. I also like your use of emotion-provoking words like comfortable, great, contagious, irresistible, clean, alongside, proud of.

      I think your vision works as it is written. If you want to add more power to it (the power of our vision fades with time), you can consider adding a bit more tangibility to it. For example, specify one or two things you will be able to get done with the added energy and confidence that come from living a loving life. YOu may also want to consider adding a few benefits of the actions you describe. For example, “By living a loving life and reading my bible every day, I feel the love of God in my heart and receive inspiration from him that brings direction, joy and more smiling.”

      One client recently enhanced his vision (claimed it made it much more powerful) by adding “I have great sex with my wife.” Something to consider. By the way, if you haven’t signed up for the daily and weekly “practice” emails, they contain mini-visions at least once per week and may give you some ideas as well. You can sign up at poweroverpornography.com/practice. Scroll down a bit and look for the sign-up form.

      May you receive all the blessings of living a loving life.

  10. DogMan

    ON April 01st, 2017

    THanks. That’s very helpful.


  11. DogMan

    ON April 01st, 2017

    You, too.


  12. Sierra

    ON August 14th, 2017

    I have a deep and abiding love for the gospel. I implement it in daily life and strive to do good continually. I feel confident and beautiful in every situation and strive to have loving relationships with everyone I meet.


  13. CTR247

    ON July 13th, 2018

    Am I on the right track? Any recommendation?

    I live a loving life which is evident because I am now a happy person, I have confidence, even Spiritual Confidence, the Spirit is my companion and I am worthy of sacred experiences. I am worthy to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. I am eager to start each day with clarity and focus for the now. I have a deep genuine love for my Savior my beautiful wife, my amazing family and for all of God’s children.


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON July 14th, 2018

      I think it’s a beautiful vision. Here is what I like about it:

      1. It captures the top positive consequences of living a loving life: “I have a deep and genuine love for my Savior, my beautiful wife, my amazing family and for all of God’s children.” Increased capacity to love and increased love for all are definitely consequences of living a loving life. “I have confidence, even Spiritual Confidence…” is also a key positive consequence as is being worthy, having clarity and focus for now.
      2. Use of emotion-evoking words and phrases, like smile, confidence, Spirit is my companion, sacred experiences, most beautiful woman (when living a loving life, spouses truly appear more beautiful), eager, amazing and genuine love.

      To give it more power, you may want to consider adding more tangibility, or words that paint a clear picture in your mind. You can do this by asking the questions, “What does spiritual confidence look like?” “What comes to mind when I think of sacred experiences?” “What scenario in my mind (place, background?) would depict deep genuine love for my wife and family?” For example, you could add a phrase after “sacred experiences,” like the following, “such as receiving God’s confirming direction for my career” or “shown by acting on direct inspiration to provide Godly comfort to my wife and children.” You could also consider adding a phrase after “confidence” that paints a picture of what that looks like, such as “shown by my boldly sharing stories, experiences and ideas with colleagues at work” or something like that.

      Loving lifers have also had success describing a favorite family place, sometimes just the family room sofa, where they can see themselves playing with their wife and kids with smiles all around. So, adding a phrase after “deep, genuine love for my Savior, my beautiful wife, my amazing family, and for all of God’s children” such as “seeing all of us playing kickball in the backyard in a loving, laughing, getting-close-to-each-other way.”

      One caution about the use of the word “worthy.” Some people like to softly interpret that word as “perfect.” It also may not be as tangible as alternatives. Based upon your vision, I can tell you know you’re reliant on the Savior for worthiness so it should be OK, but you may want to consider removing the word worthy and just state “I have sacred experiences” and “My beautiful wife and I have a strong, intimate (as long as the words “strong” and “intimate” are words that paint a picture in your mind) relationship in marriage.” This implies worthiness but makes the benefit a little more real. Not a big deal, but just a thought.

      Overall, I like your vision a lot and how you’ve captured some key consequences of living a loving life, including the increased access to the Spirit and spirituality in general, as well as increased love and deeper relationships.

  14. CTR247

    ON July 16th, 2018

    Thanks Brian, I will keep working on it with your suggestions.


  15. Matthew

    ON October 14th, 2018

    Personal Vision:
    I connect with spirit, family, friends, and the world by opening to live’s emerging gifts with gratitude and humility.

    I connect people with themselves, others, and the world by opening and sharing my heart.

    Shadow Mission:
    I destroy beauty in the world by isolating myself and judging others.


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