Power Over Pornography



Welcome to the vision page. We’ll help you compose your vision and make it powerful and vivid. Please look through the vision statements listed and use what appeals to you. Then, please leave your vision to benefit others. While you’re here, please comment on some of the vision statements so that others may benefit.

As you’re brainstorming your vision, make sure it meets the ‘power’ criteria:

  1. Is it well-defined, vivid and positive?
  2. Does it include emotion-evoking language and concrete, near-term benefits?
  3. Does it paint a clear picture in your mind?
  4. Are the benefits of your vision directly yours, not for others.
  5. Is it brief and memorable?
  6. Is it easy to say?
  7. Is it simple?

Sample Visions:

Show my deep love for my wife and kids by hugging, laughing, listening, talking and spending time doing what we like and confidently initiating and completing work that exceeds expectations.

Confidently date women who share my values doing fun and wholesome activities like good movies, sporting events and community theater. Understand and excel in my classes and feel deep love for God and my family. Show that love with deep, meaningful listening.


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