Power Over Pornography



Scenario practice is vital to keep living a loving life. Your old viewer/doer brain wiring can be “re-lit” if you experience a strong, unexpected temptation. As part of your regular practice, institute scenario practice. Here’s how:

Instead of just creating temptations, create temptations involving different scenarios that you can contemplate happening at some point. Here are some example scenarios to consider:

  •  Friend invites you to go to R-rated movie that has nudity
  • An email you receive has a photo of nudity or close to it and a link to an associated website
  • You notice a pretty, scantily-clad woman at the store
  • You receive free access to HBO or other premium movie service at home
  • You travel to Las Vegas for a business convention and have access to pornographic movies, strip clubs, etc.

These are examples of scenarios that may be triggers for you but you will want to think of your own ‘temptation scenarios.’ Each viewer has similar triggers but also tends to have ones that are particularly tempting to him or her. If you have a temptation scenario that is particularly tempting to you or can imagine one, including fantasies, then you should include them in your scenarios.

Once you have listed your scenarios, once every other week, go through two of them as AACV (Acknowledge, Accept, Choose, Vision) practice. By practicing scenario temptations, you will be prepared for a strong temptation that may come to you in an unexpected manner. It is vital that you immediately go through the AACV process upon reviewing or reciting the scenario. You don’t want to risk the scenario becoming real but you do want to practice for it so that if and when it or another similar temptation comes, you are prepared for it and AACV it automatically.

Practicing only once every two weeks can be difficult to remember so schedule these practice sessions as appointments on your calendar for the entire next year. It should take only five minutes or less once every other week but your calendar reminder will prompt you to do it.

Remember to comment to add additional scenarios. Your contributions can provide great help to others.