Power Over Pornography


Why Power Over Pornography?

Yesterday, someone asked me why I wrote the book Power Over Pornography: The Breakthrough Formula to Overcome Pornography Addiction. I explained that it was not a book I ever wanted to write or sought to write but I felt that I was supposed to write it.

My background was investment finance as well as entrepreneurial business. It didn’t seem to fit for me to write a book describing a step-by-step system to overcome pornography viewing.

I think God had other plans. Several years ago, I traveled to “family day” at the end of a family member’s inpatient drug rehab. I was shocked to find that the failure rate was 80% at one of the best rehabs in the country. I discovered that the best available methods produced similar results.

Not that long after this experience, I was asked to serve in a capacity to help others overcome their addictions, including pornography.

I quickly saw how pornography addiction sucks the life out of its victims and their families and that success rates of the best programs were no better or in many cases worse than those treating alcohol or drug addictions. 20% success or worse isn’t good enough for something with such serious consequences.

I began my research from a spiritual point of view while focusing on results. There had to be a better way to help pornography users. To make a long story short, I discovered and created (all the glory to God) methods that worked far more effectively than anything available. Not only are they far more effective, they are easier to follow.

I taught them directly and also shared them with others who helped pornography viewers. They had better success than anything they had used in the past. Pornography viewers and those with chronic masturbation habits suddenly were overcoming the addictions and habits that they felt would always be with them. I felt that it wasn’t fair for me to share them and teach them to just a few people when they could help so many others. So I wrote the book.

The second edition of “Power Over Pornography: The Breakthrough Formula for Overcoming Pornography Addiction” was published in October 2015 (available for free plus shipping at http://freebook.poweroverpornography.com) . I’m gratified with all of the favorable feedback from viewers. I’m receiving many stories of “changed lives” after battling for many years.

I’ve discovered some “what should have been” obvious conclusions over the past several months. Let me share them with you:

  1. Many viewers gain confidence after experiencing some success with the first half of the Power Over Pornography system. But if they do not stay with it through all the steps, they end up relapsing. Each step is important and when the entire program is completed, relapse is rare. Conclusion: Complete the entire program even if you feel “cured” before completion.
  2. Practice is an essential step in the program. Many viewers stop practicing once they feel cured only to relapse after several weeks or months. The practice schedule is not overly rigorous (30 seconds per day on most days) but is essential to staying free.
  3. Book is good, course is better, workshops are best. My original goal was to be finished at writing the book and getting the methods into the hands of those who can benefit. I discovered that the book works and helps and is successful for those using it. I discovered that a course is even better, especially when it offers follow-up and practice. One-on-one or one-on-many workshops work even better, providing strong accountability and success. So, we’re not stopping with the book. The on-line course is available at http://freebook.poweroverpornography.com. You’ll have to enter your information and buy another book but you’ll be able to access the course at a discounted rate. The more formalized workshops are in development.

My strong desire is to help you. The consequences of pornography viewing and masturbation are too big and too negative to live with. They hurt you every day. As part of Power Over Pornography., you’ll find reservoirs of love, happiness and self-confidence that you didn’t know you were capable of. Your relationships will provide you with joy and your personal progress in all aspects of your life will start shooting up. I look forward to helping you on your journey.


  1. Ed

    ON August 20th, 2013

    Hi Brian,

    I am curious as to what you think about the practice of Christian naturism or nudism? There are recreational camps all around the U.S. and the world, where born-again, bible-believing Christians participate in pure non-sexual nudity.   

    More specifically, would you consider totally nude men, women and children (with their genitals and breasts completely exposed and visible) playing a recreational game of soccer or volleyball in a non-sexualized manner to be a form of pornography or sexual impurity?

    Furthermore, what would you think about pictures that showed these kind of activities — would you consider it to be porn or erotica?


    Ed Casavant


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 03rd, 2013

      I believe that nudity represents pornography because of its ability to stimulate another person. Just as the proximity to alcohol may be a problem for an alcoholic, recreational nudity may be a problem for pornography addicts or potential pornography addicts. Also, because pornography viewing tends to be an escalating problem, exposure to mild nudity may open the gateway for the viewer to advance to more graphic pornography. Bottomline? I consider nudity in pictures to be pornography

  2. Ellen

    ON August 23rd, 2013

    I wish someone would contact me and tell me how much longer I have to suffer before my husband is “cured”. No wonder he seemed aloof on s daily basis and even not “connected” in bed. This may also be why he is so angrily impatient even with perfect strangers. It explains why he is most intimate with things and not people and switches from one obsession to a other. He also gravitates toward violent books and movies and has always used foul language, calling me foul named when angry. There was trouble with alcohol, smoking, lying even about mundane topics. He has a habit of never rely answering a question so that HD may live as an amoeba, changing shape when it conveniences him and his selfishness. It
    explains his strong self-defensiveness when he is pointed out to
    have made a mistake. I can’t really trust anything he says but thought I could due to his intelligence. Be has a false self that he pulls out.


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON October 03rd, 2013

      I apologize for not being timely in my response. We’re still struggling (my own lack of technical prowess) with the website. We’re improving. Here are my thoughts: They symptoms you describe and see indicate a continuing problem: Aloof on a daily basis
      Not connected in bed
      Angrily impatient, even with strangers
      Intimate with things and not people
      Switches from one obsession to another
      Pursues violent books and movies
      Uses foul language, even with spouse
      Living without integrity
      When a person is living a loving life (porn-free), these symptoms and others diminish greatly and often go away. They are replaced with increased love, decreased anger, increased focus on family, especially spouse, increased self-confidence and increased integrity.

      The cure you refer to is a daily cure. If a person practices the simple steps (see practice chapter of book) on a daily basis, they can deal with the temptation to view pornography successfully every time. I hope your husband is able to recognize his problem and actively practice on a daily basis.

      Your responsibility for his problem is probably close to zero (this is the case in most relationships with viewers although not always). You suffer from its consequences and should take the steps to enrich your life with good and beauty while encouraging him to take the steps to make his life (and yours) better.

  3. George

    ON January 02nd, 2014

    Any news as to when the site will be up and running again?


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON April 26th, 2014

      So sorry about the glitches and problems with the website. It was overwhelmed with spam and we’re still recovering

  4. Jerry Basford

    ON March 11th, 2014

    Is Power Over Pornography available in hard copy?


    • Brian Brandenburg

      ON April 26th, 2014

      Sorry about the late reply. Power Over Pornography is not yet available in hard copy but a hard copy version is in the works.

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