Power Over Pornography


“What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Stop a Pornography Habit?

The single biggest mistake people make when trying to stop viewing pornography is relying upon willpower. Inevitably we will face moments of temptation when our willpower stores are at rock bottom. If we’re relying upon willpower, relapse is likely. So, what do we do instead of relying upon willpower?

Recognize that with each temptation, we are free to choose. If we tell ourselves that we must not view pornography, then we are relying upon willpower. Alternatively, when we know we are free to choose to view pornography or to live a loving life, and that we can choose differently next time, willpower is not required.

Taking willpower out of the equation and remembering that we always have a choice is a vital step in overcoming temptations to view pornography. Actively exercising that choice by choosing the consequences we desire is the next step that helps us realize our power over pornography.

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